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Akhilesh Singh, M.D. is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist specializing in the prescription of corrective contact lenses and eyewear. The doctor and staff of Downtown Ophthalmology serve residents throughout New York, including those who live in the Queens and Forest Hills neighborhoods.

Contact Lenses Q & A

by Akhilesh Singh, MD

Who is a Good Candidate for Contact Lenses?

People who live an active lifestyle or participate in any type of athletic activity on a regular basis are ideal candidates for contact lenses. Individuals who are prone to allergies that affect the eyes may not be able to wear contact lenses for extended periods of time. This is also true for individuals who have a depressed immune system or are prone to frequent eye infections. The technology surrounding contact lenses are making it easier for individuals who have been told they could never wear them to actually find lenses that fit their eyes. An ophthalmologist can accurately assess a person's eyes and determine whether or not they would be a good candidate for contact lenses.

How Long Should a Pair of Contact Lenses Last?

The length of time a pair of contact lenses will last depends on the type. Daily wear lenses are normally disposable but can be worn for several days with proper care. Planned replacement lenses can also last for several weeks, but are designed to be replaced frequently. Rigid, gas permeable lens can last longer than a year if they are cared for properly. Soft contact lenses are capable of lasting a year or long, as long as they are cared for correctly. Proper care includes following the directions according to wearability, cleaning the lenses according to the instructions, and proper storage techniques.

When Should Contact Lenses be Avoided?

There are times when a person who has contacts should avoid wearing them. If a person catches a cold or the flu, it is a good idea to avoid wearing their contacts while they are ill. Part of the reason for this is that the infection may settle into the eyes allowing the contacts to irritate the surface of the cornea. It will also increase the person's risk of an eye infection. A person who has received an injury to the eye should also refrain from wearing their contacts until the cornea has fully healed. Any time a person knows they will be subjected to airborne contaminants, like dirt, dust, leaves, or smoke, they should avoid wearing their contacts. If they do wear them, protective eyewear should also be used to keep the contaminants out of the eyes.


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